Swedish Quality Houses

Polhus is a leading and rapidly growing brand for wooden houses in online retail across Scandinavia. Established in 2001 in Mora, Sweden, the company specializes in self-designed Swedish cottages, saunas, garden houses, playhouses, and more. Polhus offers products as logs or finished building elements, ensuring easy and smooth assembly. The production and warehouse facilities are located in Estonia, with raw materials sourced from reputable international suppliers to maintain consistently high quality.

Product Range

  • Saunas: High-quality, easy-to-assemble saunas.
  • Hot Tubs: Relaxing and durable hot tubs.
  • Garden Houses: Functional garden houses for multiple purposes.
  • Gazebos: Elegant gazebos for outdoor enjoyment.
  • Greenhouses: Robust greenhouses for gardening enthusiasts.
  • Sheds: Practical sheds for storage needs.
  • Garages: Secure and spacious garages for vehicles.
  • Playhouses: Safe and fun playhouses for children.

Quality and Production

Polhus ensures high quality by sourcing raw materials from reputable international suppliers and manufacturing in Estonia. This guarantees that all products meet stringent quality standards and offer durability and reliability. The option to purchase products as logs or pre-assembled elements simplifies the construction process, making it accessible even for those with minimal building experience.

Swedish Design meets high Quality

Polhus combines traditional Swedish design with modern convenience, providing high-quality wooden houses and structures that are easy to assemble and built to last. Whether for living, relaxation, or play, Polhus products offer exceptional value and quality, making them a preferred choice in Scandinavia and beyond.

Visit Polhus to explore their full range of products and discover the perfect wooden house for your needs.