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About us

The YDEON Group, headquartered in Hamburg, combines the companies GartenHaus GmbH, Polhus and OutdoorToys under one roof. With over 20 online stores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden and Finland, among others, it is Europe’s leading digital platform for all garden projects.

Our business areas

YDEON brings together 20 online stores with more than 30,000 different products under one roof.

Ydeon Culture And Vision

Culture & vision

The YDEON Group has become the leading digital platform for all garden projects in Europe because it always focuses on customer needs.

Ydeon Management

Our management

Our management combines enthusiasm for Home & Living with professional expertise and many years of experience in digital and data-driven business models. 

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We are Europe’s leading online specialist retailer for home and garden projects. Our passion for target group-specific products and innovative e-commerce solutions has been driving us for over 20 years and enables us to reach more people every year and to support them in realizing their very personal garden dreams. At the same time, we are proud of our network of brands and partners with whom we work every day on the shared vision of realizing a digital home and garden project. The YDEON GROUP develops and connects the internationally most successful brands in this segment and thus creates exciting career opportunities.

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